Battleship Galaxy

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Welcome to the exciting world of Battleship Galaxy! Battleship Galaxy - with a MULTIPLAYER mode you can compete with real people and challenge yourself. This game combines a classic board game and marvelous space battle design! Control realistic and powerful star cruisers as your figures and start a new game. Every fan of military hardware or strategies and logic games totally shouldn’t miss this game. Play Battleship Galaxy, train your mind, improve your tactics and strategy and enjoy realistic battleships!

Time for jokes is over, rookie, now you are on a deck of the galactic battleship and we are about to start an ultimate star battle! So keep your wits about you and help us to defeat enemy invaders!

HOW TO PLAY: Rules of this game are similar to classic sea battle rules. Place your battleships on the map and then try to find and destroy all enemies’ ships. The one who lose all the ships is defeated. Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry, it won’t be very difficult for you – just a few trainings and you’ll become sea battle expert!

Choose the MULTIPLAYER mode to test your strengths in a battle with the real opponent. Multiplayer Battleship Galaxy - get the maximum pleasure from the gaming experience!

Battleship Galaxy features

- Addictive multiplayer strategy - play with people all around the globe;

- Your favorite classic game in a brand new design;

【免費街機App】Battleship Galaxy-APP點子

- Powerful space cruisers to control;

- Be the first to destroy all enemy battleships and become a champion;

- Perfect amusing and educational game;

- Fight against powerful alien enemy

【免費街機App】Battleship Galaxy-APP點子

- 4 types of battlecruisers

Imagine that you are in the middle of a galactic battle! Become a commander and rule the battlefield in Battleship Galaxy!

【免費街機App】Battleship Galaxy-APP點子

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