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In 2 simple clicks and 3 seconds, a warning e-mail is automatically sent to your emergency contact(s) in case you are in a situation where you feel some risk.The e-mail will automatically include a predefined text, your GPS coordinate, and a picture of the place/people/situation. In case something happens to you, your emergency contact(s) will know where to look first.You are:- HITCHHIKING: take a picture of the car you are climbing in or of its driver. That picture is automatically sent to your emergency contact(s).- PICKING UP A HITCHHIKER: take a picture of him while he climbs in your car. That will prevent him to risk anything stupid.- MEETING A STRANGER: send a picture of him along with your GPS coordinates. If he was not well-intentioned, someone will find you quickly.- ENTERING AN UNKNOWN PLACE: warn someone before entering.- YOU ARE DISABLE AND NEED IMMEDIATE SUPPORT: send a quick e-mail to your family or nurse.- YOU ARE IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION AND NEED HELP: 2 simple clicks and 3 seconds later, an emergency e-mail is sent with your GPS coordinates.One big button to take the picture, and one click on the button "Send", that's it, your e-mail is sent out.Depending on the situation, you easily choose one of the e-mail templates. It will adapt the e-mail content and the recipients to that specific situation.You can also modify the existing templates or easily create your own. And all this in a very simple user-friendly interface.WE WANT TO MAKE HITCHHIKING NICE AND RISK-FREE AGAIN!!****************If the app blocks while taking the picture, please check in the phone settings that the app is allowed to access your photos (Settings > Privacy > Photos). The app will not look at any other photo than the last one, which was taken within the app itself.****************

【免費工具App】Be Safe-APP點子

【免費工具App】Be Safe-APP點子

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