The Beads program depicts the geometric forms of Native American beadwork in motion as they originally adorned moving objects like clothing, cradles, tools, and ceremonial objects because these characteristic geometric designs usually bore some relation to article's attributes rather than in the static context of museum specimens. The geometric figures, originally based on porcupine quillwork, employed not more than seven colors and white was the most commonly color used for backgrounds signifying snow or winter. The limited number of angular design elements tended to form in space of the narrow belts in a style similar to a drumbeat and ornamentation of the Italian Concerto, often regarded as a perfect model of a well designed solo concerto.

Time: 3:16, Q=45

Soundtrack: BWV 971


If launching the app from a cellphone, first position it in landscape orientation with the home-button to the right.

IMPORTANT: This app requires the pre-installation of another app named SetupAnimationForHT that is available for free on Google Play. Some well-tested devices like many LG G3's run without the SetupAnimationForHT app installed.

Please select "More By Animation for HeadTracking" to install the app, or cut and paste the following into a browser:

The Animations for Head Tracking series of apps provide a relaxing form of interactivity where one only needs to look around. Each of the apps provide numerous viewing paths and are designed to run offline so they will give high replay value. These apps provide a view of music that otherwise can only be heard. Enables people born deaf to now sense the moving structure of baroque music. The apps should run an any Android cellphone or tablet that contains gyros, and there is a free setup app required for tuning the gyros (since there is no way to know how sensors are positioned on every Android device). Cellphones with an HDMI output can be attached to a Head Mount Display (with tape if nothing else). There are hoods made specifically for strapping onto tablets to block ambient light (and some people have made hoods out of tissue-boxes). Some of these programs started back in the days of wire-frame graphics so they have been stress-tested against a variety of head-trackers over the years. For at least a couple decades these animations have adapted to a large variety of OpenGL device drivers and a wide range of aspect-ratios. Each of these apps are tested across previous systems to be reverse-compatible back to Android system 1.6 (the first supporting large screens). The apps are also non-natively developed so they should run across all processor types. Other HMD's that do not support HDMI input should work fine with an inexpensive HDMI-to-video converter. If one does not have a device that can run the apps, there are links to YouTube videos that show the first 24 seconds of each captured at 1080p resolution with roll=0, yaw=0, pitch=0 so altogether it takes only about five minutes to get a good sample of them all with little effort. Following each description is timing info for musicians that may enjoy playing along while projecting or immersed-in the geometric animation of the music.

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