Beagle Lover

【免費生活App】Beagle Lover-APP點子

UPDATE 1.2: New beagle pictures :D

UPDATE 1.1: Added a rate and search other application feature.

The beagle lover application is a must have for all beagle lovers out there. It's free, easy to use, and very helpful! The beagle lover application includes:

* A sound board of cute beagle sounds

【免費生活App】Beagle Lover-APP點子

* Videos of funny and cute beagles living their life

* Funny and cute pictures of beagles mooching

* Some tips on how to care for beagles

* A link to a beagle adoption site for those who just can't resist those ADORABLE faces!

【免費生活App】Beagle Lover-APP點子

Why not get this application? It's free, there are no advertisements, and you get hours of beagle! How could you go wrong?

IMPORTANT: Internet connection required for the video and adoption features of this application. Everything else in this application does not require access to the internet.

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