Beer Counter

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

Beer Counter keeps an eye on your drinks.

Making small cracks in paper beer coasters was yesterday! Beer Counter is your buddy, who keeps track of your consumption. It assists you with its personal and intuitive interface to count all your drinks (and more).

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

You want to know the bill? You want to share your drinking “score” with your friends? With Beer Counter you have all this at your finger tips.

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

Brand new features in version 2.0:

- Save your image in the phone album!

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

- Save your personalized coaster as image and share it with your friends!

Other Features:

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

- Supports separate counters for all your drinks

- Check the bill of your beverages

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

- Choose your favorite beer coaster

- Take a picture and display it inside the coaster

- Pictures reflect the alcohol level

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

- Select the background according to your favorite drink

- Vibration feedback when counting, if you want

- Direct Facebook integration lets your friends know about what you’re drinking

【免費生活App】Beer Counter-APP點子

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