Bell Jars Theme

【免費個人化App】Bell Jars Theme-APP點子

Circuit Board theme for Go Launcher EX and Apex Launcher Pro*!


【免費個人化App】Bell Jars Theme-APP點子

-5 backgrounds plus app drawer background

【免費個人化App】Bell Jars Theme-APP點子

-Bell jar icons designed to fit any standard Android icon

This is NOT a stand-alone application. This theme REQUIRES Go Launcher EX (free) or Apex Launcher Pro (paid).

ATTENTION JELLY BEAN (Android 4.1.x) USERS: There seems to be an issue with themes and Jelly Bean devices. The theme will appear to install correctly, but will not load. If you have this issue, please contact our customer support so we can send you the APK to install manually. Be sure to include your transaction number in the email and send the email from the same address as your Google Play account. This only applies to Jelly Bean users, and not users of Ice Cream Sandwich or earlier versions of Android.

For problems with Go Launcher EX or Apex Launcher, please contact their developers directly. We are unable to assist you with technical issues relating to the launchers themselves.

*Theme tested on Apex Launcher Pro. App menu button, Apex menu button, and Apex settings button do not get skinned, but everything else does. Requires Apex Launcher Pro (paid version) to work. Additionally, Apex Launcher Pro will only use the red plates under the bell jars, not all colors as seen in the screenshots.

【免費個人化App】Bell Jars Theme-APP點子

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