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【免費財經App】Bendigo Bank-APP點子

The Bendigo Bank app combines a first-class user experience with a practicality you’ll appreciate, allowing you to do more of your banking in less time.

Download or update your Bendigo Bank app to:

● Check your balances in a panic at the supermarket checkout.

● Transfer money from your holiday savings account to pay for the petrol you just pumped.

【免費財經App】Bendigo Bank-APP點子

● Check an account’s transaction history to retrace your steps after a late night out.

● Discover how much retail therapy you underwent by seeing which shops have your funds on hold.

● Get a warm, fuzzy feeling as a smiley face indicates you’ve been paid.

【免費財經App】Bendigo Bank-APP點子

● Get a not so warm, fuzzy feeling after paying your bills in record time.

● Find us using our branch and ATM locator, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

● Send us feedback from the home screen menu to tell us what you like, don’t like, and would like to see in the Bendigo Bank app.

● Launch our old-faithful, Classic e-banking, for the things you can’t do on Mobile e-banking (yet).

【免費財經App】Bendigo Bank-APP點子

Normal data and call charges apply. Please check with your mobile carrier or Internet Service Provider for details.

【免費財經App】Bendigo Bank-APP點子

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