Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

The secret dream of so many people is to drive the top machine of the farms - the Tractor. Not only kids love the center of the farm production - adults are also amazed of the capabilities and performance of a huge tractor, the machine with big wheels and incredible power able to serve and use nearly all machinery around the farm.

Now you can be the driver of such a special multi-purpose vehicle, you can experience the enjoyment of the simulation of the farming machine. Nowadays not only the power, but the outlook is important also, so you can customize your tractor, even you can race with it against the time and against all obstacles, that can be encountered in a farming environment.

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

This game is an arcade representation of a high-end tractor, so beware of the power of the machinery!


【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

Realistic view and physics will help you to simulate the movement of a Tractor on a touch sensitive screen. In the farming environment, the traffic is not of a very high level, the Tractor isn't a racing car, so excpect power without high dynamism. As this game is not about racing, don't expect speedups, but beware: even the most powerful vehicles need refueling sometimes.


【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

Farm - The source of everything, the field from where raw materials are coming from. A lot of vehicles are using farms, some for transport, others for production purposes. Farms are generally not prepared for high volume of traffic, so the roads are of bad quality, covered with dust and other dangerous materials. And beware - a lot of animals live in farms too... The real careful driver also looks out for other heavy machinery too, used in the fields, that can be a problem for driving your Tractor around.


【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

- Lifelike graphics covering real time simulation aspects

- Real driving experience

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

- Unique tractor driving fun

- Endless gameplay

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

- Unmatched tractor friendly environment

- Different challenges: bottlenecks, contraflow, moving machinery, animals, etc...

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

- Intuitive control methods: direct control using your fingers. Alternate controls with relative touch.

- 3D Environment

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

- Farming environment with it's inhabitants, buildings and machinery.

- Lots of powerups: Slow Motion, Coin Magnet, Shield, etc.

【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

- Different skins for your vehicle for added gaming fun.

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【免費模擬App】Best Farm Tractor Driving Fun-APP點子

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