Best Memory Match Game 4 kids

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

MEMORY FITNESS MATCH GAME - pair amazing animal images to improve concentration and learning skills and shapes multiplication for brain training and learning

Classical memory game we all love and remember from childhood

Comes in a new, improved and unique version!!!

It has lots of advantages just in one classical, but unusually designed game… with a twist..

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

MARK says:

"We all want to keep our minds sharp and active.. We found this one perfect for kids and adults."


This one is going to be ''all family everyday quick brain muscle exerciser''"

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子


Awesome and creative graphics of animals all over the world – great activity and fun ""

! This game is the best one to engage your kids to find out, imagine and enjoy variety of animals from our planet...

Making connections and learning in general is extremely important for a child to develop the proper skills needed to succeed in today’s society. Apps have become an extremely important cog in helping our young ones learn and develop from the earliest of ages. This game puts a twist on the classic Memory board game that challenged players to remember tiles, in order to match them up and earn a set. This wonderful app can be used as a tool to help children and adults hone their memory skills in this extremely well done matching game.

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

Memory fitness sports beautifully done, high definition graphics, along with great sound that is sure to keep your child entertained for hours at a time. Players will have access to five different themed levels, with five boards within the respective levels, equaling twenty five total boards (two of these are free)

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The developers give you the ability to have your child to try out the app for free and then let you decide if you want to purchase the other themed levels, without applying pressure. In addition, the extra levels are extremely reasonably priced at just $0.99 each, a small price to pay to keep your child’s mind sharp you are going to love the app because the colors and graphics are stunning, the gameplay is great and most importantly, your child will be learning different objects, while playing a game that has educational value.

Just match and pair two of a kind!!

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

- In the air - different birds above the clouds

- Underwater sea life world big and small in the ocean

- On the ground - wild jungle or savannas or rainforest..

- Around us - pets and farm friends we all love

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

- In the ground - more bugs and bees and all the creatures we see all over

With five levels of difficulty the complexity the game can be adjusted accordingly to the age and skills.

 Major Features:

* 5 Different levels of difficulty to keep both kids and adults entertained

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

* Adorable and creative graphics

* Turn on/off sound effects

*absolutely safe for kids all ages

*perfect music and sound every tap.

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

* Fun for the whole family!


*''Out of the box'' way of exercising

* Improve your MEMORY SKILLS

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子



* Recognize different SHAPES AND THEMES


【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

【免費棋類遊戲App】Best Memory Match Game 4 kids-APP點子

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