Best of Emmys 2014

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The Emmy Awards recognize excellence in the television industry, and correspond to the Academy Awards (for film), the Tony Awards (for theatre), and the Grammy Awards (for music).

TV buffs, world over, were waiting for this day – The Primetime Emmy Awards 2014 – to see who won the most prestigious TV awards. Did Louie win the best Comedy Series award or did Bryan Cranston dope the jury with his scintillating performance in Breaking Bad to bag the Best Actor award? Which miniseries got the most awards, and which reality program swept everyone off their feet?

【免費娛樂App】Best of Emmys 2014-APP點子

Get details of the nominees and winners for the popular sections of the Emmy Awards for 2014 here!

• Comedy

• Drama

【免費娛樂App】Best of Emmys 2014-APP點子

• Miniseries

• Variety

• Reality

【免費娛樂App】Best of Emmys 2014-APP點子

All the awards at the tips of your fingers!

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【免費娛樂App】Best of Emmys 2014-APP點子

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【免費娛樂App】Best of Emmys 2014-APP點子

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