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Do you want to lose weight, eat healthy, and manage chronic conditions? BettrLife features an advanced nutrition based food and activity logging platform to monitor everything that goes into your body. Our ‘smart’ food logging makes tracking what you eat simple and convenient. Since all data is securely stored in the cloud, you can access information from home, work or on the go. Key features of our food logging and activity logging platform include:

- Real-time, simplified food logging and activity logging.

【免費健康App】BettrLife - Food Logging-APP點子

- Select and monitor you food allergies and dietary preferences.

【免費健康App】BettrLife - Food Logging-APP點子

- Integration with fitness tracking devices like Fitbit, Jawbone, Fitbug and Withings.

【免費健康App】BettrLife - Food Logging-APP點子

- ‘Smart’ food logging suggests common food pairings and learns your eating patterns.

【免費健康App】BettrLife - Food Logging-APP點子

- Crawls the web for thousands of recipes, analyzing nutritional contents of ingredients

【免費健康App】BettrLife - Food Logging-APP點子

- Nutritional breakdown of menu items from hundreds of popular restaurants.

【免費健康App】BettrLife - Food Logging-APP點子

- USDA database of fruits, vegetables, meats and more broken down by portion size.

- Scan bar codes of grocery items for easy food logging and shoping.

- Dashboard to track progress of specific weight loss, activity or nutrition based goals.

- Ability to manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, obesity, celiac disorders and more.

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