Beyond Pizza Cookbook

【免費生活App】Beyond Pizza Cookbook-APP點子

by renowned French chef Pierre Cilliers.

Review: "an awesome cookbook that's really 'cheap as chips'", Daily Meals Magazine.

A very cool cookbook for your phone or tablet. The meals are simply yummy !!!

The meals in this book are mainly family recipes I have been cooking for years now.

There are even some that I have thought up myself on the spur of the moment as well as those that have come to life through experimentation.

You won’t find any ‘chefy’ recipes here, just down-to-earth good tasty food.

I encourage you to experiment yourself and even modify these recipes as you see fit.


Soups (5)

Veggies (3)

【免費生活App】Beyond Pizza Cookbook-APP點子

Fish (10)

Chicken (7)

【免費生活App】Beyond Pizza Cookbook-APP點子

Meat (10)

Desserts (13)

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