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Bible Mind is the ultimate scripture memorization app. We start you off with a list of Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, but allow you to customize them or create your own lists.

Because you can customize the lists, feel free to add other documents, papers, poems, or reference material to your Bible Mind and memorize those as well.

Features in this version include:

Customizable Lists

【免費書籍App】Bible Mind-APP點子

Check off verses


【免費書籍App】Bible Mind-APP點子

Remove 5 random words

Remove all but first letter of words

【免費書籍App】Bible Mind-APP點子

Link to scripture context online

Autofind verses

【免費書籍App】Bible Mind-APP點子

Homescreen widget


【免費書籍App】Bible Mind-APP點子

Customize your background

This is the most full-featured Scripture Memorization app available on Android and we have more in store.

Coming Soon:

Multiple Languages

【免費書籍App】Bible Mind-APP點子

Hangman - We call it "Jonah and the Whale"

Please note that we have created two widgets for Bible Mind. The first will allow you to add your own verses to the widget as a reminder to memorize, or just as a good quote of the day. To add the verse to the widget you first need to add the widget to the home screen. Then go into the app and select a verse and long press on the reference of the verse (from the list view). You will see a quick pop-up that says the verse has been added to the widget.

The second is a random verse that changes every 30 minutes that you can use to quiz yourself, or also as a good thought. Add the widget as normal using the Widgets option.

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