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Have you ever wanted to read the Bible from the beginning to the end, cover to cover? How will you know you didn’t miss a chapter? Bible Pacer can help you achieve this goal by organizing and tracking your progress as each chapter is read.

Bible Pacer lets you set your own personal goal and read at your own pace. Read the Bible in any order from any book without a fixed or complex schedule. The tracking system shows your progress indicating the number of chapters read and the number remaining. You will know how many chapters need to be read each day to achieve your target completion date. Change the completion date at any time to accommodate your reading tempo. Start today!

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

To use this app simply start reading the Bible – anywhere. After you have completed a chapter, simply check it off in the app. All 66 books of the Old and New Testament are covered. A user selectable option tracks the additional 7 books included in the Catholic Old Testament known as the Biblical Apocrypha. Bible Pacer does not contain the text for the books of the Bible; read from any version you are comfortable with.

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

Download the Bible Pacer app and try it now. Discover how easy it is to track your progress and set a completion date. (The trial version does not recall chapters checked when the application restarts. It also lacks the button that quickly navigates to the most recently accessed book. )

- Organizes and tracks your Bible reading

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

- Shows your progress to meet a completion date

- Allows adjustable and flexible target completion dates

- Navigates quickly to the most recently accessed book

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

- Colors unread chapters and books with accent color

- Hides all completed books and chapters as an option

- Offers easy input for a single chapter or an entire book

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

- Includes scrolling checklists for each book of the Bible

- Provides an option to include the Biblical Apocrypha

- Clears the entire Old or New Testament in one step

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

- Supports both portrait and landscape orientation

【免費書籍App】Bible Pacer-APP點子

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