Bible Quotes 4 You!

【免費教育App】Bible Quotes 4 You!-APP點子

Read the best and most inspirational quotes from the Holy Bible! Both Old Testament and New Testament, each verse has been carefully selected. Taken from the NIV translation for easier access to all who wish to read the word of the LORD.

Features include:

【免費教育App】Bible Quotes 4 You!-APP點子

♥ A large database of Holy Bible quotes & verses

【免費教育App】Bible Quotes 4 You!-APP點子

♥ Ability to tag verses as "favorites" for quick lookup later

【免費教育App】Bible Quotes 4 You!-APP點子

♥ Share your favorite verse with others on social media or text message

【免費教育App】Bible Quotes 4 You!-APP點子

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