BibleScholar Set One

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

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【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

1. Mango features: user interface entirely designed for Mango

2. Panoramic View

3. Set Reminders for day, week, month, end of month, and yearly.

4. Fully featured reading pane

5. Ability to add notes to each page

6. View and Edit Notes

7. Pin unlimited live tiles

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

8. Double sided live tiles

9. Deep linking straight to your page

10. Multiple Setting: Option to read white text on black background or black text on white background.

11. Long bibles are split down by Chapter as well as by Book

12. Application has transitions between pages and button effects.

13. Matthew Henry Commentary can be navigated by chapters.

14. Integrated Bookmark and Notes with delete functionality.

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

15. Ability to change the header text which displays Book and Chapter name when you browse any chapter.

16. Main books page can be seen with its title and description

17. Ability to modify text size.

18. Bookmarks now display related information for easier reference.

The Bible Scholar Set One and Two contain over 14,000 pages of amazing Bible Study Tools.

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

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The Bible Scholar Set One contains:

-Matthew Henry's Bible Commentary (1000 p.)

-History of the Christian Church Vol.1-8 by Philip Schaff (4,000 p.)

Vol 1: Apostolic Christianity A.D. 1-100, 596 Pages

Vol 2: Ante-Nicene Christianity A.D. 100-325, 623 Pages

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

Vol 3: Nicene & Post-Nicene Christianity A.D. 311-600, 654 Pages

Vol 4: Mediaeval Christianity A.D. 590-1073, 508 Pages

Vol 5: The Middle Ages A.D. 1049-1294, 491 Pages

Vol 6: The Middle Ages A.D. 1294-1517, 450 Pages

Vol 7: Modern Christianity: The German Reformation 447 Pages

Vol 8: Modern Christianity: The Swiss Reformation 550 Pages

-Smith's Dictionary 867 P.

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

-People's New Testament Commentary 797 P. by B.W. Johnson

-Updated KJV

Also available on Windows Marketplace: Bible Scholar Set Two.

【免費書籍App】BibleScholar Set One-APP點子

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