Bibliquiz is a Bible quiz and Bible learning app. However, Bibliquiz is not a mere Bible trivia game because, there is nothing trivial about the Bible. Instead, Bibliquiz is designed as a fun way to learn more about God's word.

Version 1.2 of Bibliquiz features eight different game types. In addition to the standard text-oriented questions, there are 6 other games including a picture quiz game, a Bible timeline game, and a game that challenges you to remember the order of the books in the Bible. The newest game, introduced in version 1.2, is the Greek and Hebrew Alphabet game!

Mere trivial details found in the Bible are avoided in favor of more meaningful and edifying Biblical details and facts. The questions and challenges in Bibliquiz are designed to increase your understanding, familiarity and appreciation of the God's Word. For instance, when incorrect answers are chosen, the correct answer is provided, and, where applicable, "More Info" and the verse reference is provided as well. In addition Bible Fact cards can earned as you get more correct answers.

Version 1.2 also includes:

New: Greek and Hebrew Alphabet Game

Picture Quiz Game

Biblical People Game

"This or That" Game

Bible Book Game

Timeline Game


Bible Quotes Game

Bible Facts

Easy, Medium, Hard Modes

Time Mode

Normal Mode

Unlimited Mode

"More Info" (applicable questions)


Scripture References (applicable questions)

Game Select Options (select any or all combination of games to play)

If you're going to relax and play a game, you might as well get more familiar with the Bible while you're at it.

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