BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

BidBag mobile - your reliable sniper to enable last second bids for eBay auctions

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

NEW: BidBag Easy-Share. Share and snipe your auctions from any other app in seconds!

Allows among other things last second bidding and auction management in groups. Notification service via SMS or email. All data would be encrypted over SSL connections. All passwords are serverside encrypted and only usable from the automatic agents.

Requires a user account with internet service. Register easy and fast with the new in-app registration. The first 7 points are free . If you should be convinced of BidBag, you can buy points for very low rates (from 19ct) without hidden costs from the integrated shop. For each won auction only one point will be charged, no matter how high the auction value was. Not won auctions are always free.

Your bids would be placed in the last seconds from high performance backbone servers. Effective protection against the swaying of bids.

Other benefits at a glance:

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

• Second accurate bidding through super fast backbone connections

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

• Unbeatable low and transparent fees for won auctions

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

• Effective bidding with our Triple-Snipe technology

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

• Real-time monitoring with live updates within the user interface

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

• Email and SMS notification with SMS re-bidding (Configurable from web service))

【免費購物App】BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay-APP點子

• International Bid in the national currency of the country

• Quality of development and maximum data security through SSL

• Modern, platform-independent system.

• Continuous development guaranteed

• Fast 24 / 7 / 365 support. Write a mail to:

免費玩BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay APP玩免費

免費玩BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay App

BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay APP LOGO

BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay LOGO-APP點子

BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay APP QRCode

BidBag Bid Sniper for eBay QRCode-APP點子
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