BigGPS is a software mobile odometer relying on your device's GPS module. This application is best for use on trains and ships. When using in moving vehicles be sure to pay full attention to traffic and terrain. Make yourself familiar with this application while walking. No responsibility assumed whatsoever. Use entirely at your own risk - responsibly and safely!

Use of BigGPS requires familiarity with your device and the use of GPS. If in doubt, please refrain from purchasing this software.

Rather than a high-tech glossy design this application is tailored to simplicity without burdens and large fonts for best readability.

This application provides data as accurate as the GPS unit in your device and will not work in obstructed areas. It can take a few minutes from start-up for GPS to get valid fixes (depending on the device).

The compass automatically compensates for magnetic declination. Be sure to calibrate the compass in accordance with your device's users' manual.

As obtained from GPS, speed and course are available only when the device is in motion. Note that most devices do not contain temperature, air pressure and humidity sensors for weather data.

The use of GPS increases device power consumption. It is recommended to provide an external power supply cable appropriate for your device. GPS listening is disabled when the application runs in the background. However, you need to switch GPS off in your device settings in order to cut it from the power drain.

As BigGPS is launched the device will be kept alive, i.e, the screen will not assume standby mode and darkness while the main screen is running in foreground. When BigGPS is paused (background) or exited the original device status will be resumed.

Essential Features

* Provided parameters:

- Speed (km/h or mi/h)

- Course (compass)

- Altitude (m/ft)


- Local GPS Time

- Magnetic field strength

- Magnetic declination

- Temperature, air pressure and humidity (if supported by device)

- Geographical coordinates


* Altitude offset

* Speed limit sound alert

* GPS accuracy indicator

* Metric and imperial units

* Adjustable font size


* Homing function

* Waypoint recording into KML

* Map view of position (when online)

* Rise & set times for Sun and Moon

* Moon age and phase


* Works in portrait mode only

* Prevents the device from sleeping

* Bundled help

This application raises INTERNET permission for the only purpose of showing Help in the browser and for the Map view. BigGPS does not transmit any data out of the device.


This application is believed to be reliable and accurate, however, errors inherent to the human factor or operating system implementation cannot be ruled out entirely.

Please send the author an email in case you encounter issues regarding display and / or functions.


1. Please make most efficient use of Google Play's narrow refund window.

2. Please contact the author by email, if you have any pre-sales questions.

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