Bin Day

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子

Recycling your waste is a great thing! But, with more and more bins, bags and crates to sort it into AND different collection schedules for each one, remembering which bin is being collected on which day can be a challenge, and in some areas you can even be fined for putting your bin out to early.

Bin Day to the rescue – the Bin Day app shows you at a glance your next waste collection day along with which colour and type of bin to put out for empting.

• Add your bins

• Choose colour and type (wheelie, crate, bag, plastic bag, small wheelie)

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子

• Choose how often that bin is collected (for example every 7 days or every 14 days)

• Enter the next time that bin is due to be collected and Bin Day does the rest

• Toast or calendar notifications

• Live Tile displays bins to be collected

• Backup and restore your data*

• Store any number of bins.

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子


Backup and Restore your data to the cloud*

Small, Medium and Wide Live Tile support

Add collection to any of your calendars

New bin type – small wheelie

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子

Updated design

Updates for Version 2.0

• Live Tile support

• SMS or email collection details

• New bin type – bin bag

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子

• Suspend a collection, some area do not collect garden waste during the winter so suspend that recycling bin and it won’t show up in your next collection list.

• Updated graphics

Use Bin Day and never miss a bin collection!

Trial Available: Store the details of up to two bins.

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子

* Backup and restore requires you to login to the service using any of the following services for authentication: Live ID, Twitter, Facebook or Google

【免費生活App】Bin Day-APP點子

免費玩Bin Day APP玩免費

免費玩Bin Day App


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