Use Birdr to record and maintain all your bird sightings from the field. An ideal app for all bird-watchers to maintain a log on their birding outings.

A simple, yet very elegant app to unobtrusively note various species. A simple and powerful search function to make entries in a jiffy.


- Record your sightings.

- Lists and sightings saved on device as well as on the cloud.


- Create / Delete Lists.

- Organize your sightings into various lists.

- Contains checklists of India, Great Britain, North America, Indonesia and the entire world.

Developed by a birder and his 3 friends, because he won't stop nagging us..

** Thanks to the bird enthusiasts of Bangalore for using our app and also for the great feedback **

We would like to hear from you. If there is a feature that you would like us to add to this app, please free to add that under this link :

You can report any issues here -

v 1.5



- Defect fixes.

v 1.4


- Added Bangalore checklist

- Usability improvements


- Bugs

- One of the developers claim that he has a Swiss Bank a/c...

v 1.3


- Fed the minions some bananas and got some defects fixed

v 1.2



- Happy New Year!!! :)

- Allow a sighting to be marked as 'heard only'

- Checklist updated with new names and taxonomic classification


- Allow manual sync of lists

- Bug fixes

v 1.1


- Fixed Twitter login


- Fixed Facebook login crash

- Fixed the issue of wallpaper not being displayed on some handsets

- A change in application exit behavior from the login screen

- Fixed logout behavior

v 1.0



First release

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