Birds Shooting Safari

【免費動作App】Birds Shooting Safari-APP點子

Birds Shooting Safari is a best and interesting birds hunting and shooting 3D game. Birds shooting safari gives great game play and the feeling that you are a hunting birds in real. Best sniper gun added to aim and zoom which help you in perfect fire. Take the sniper aim the bird and shoot it down. Its time based game you have to shoot the target numbers of birds in allocated time otherwise you can not unlock any level.

Shoot target birds quickly and unlock next more interesting levels. More then thirty levels are added in the game to make birds hunting safari interesting challenging and addictive. You might play other birds shooting or hunting game but birds hunting safari is above all give it a try.

How to play:

1. Select the target i.e crow, duck, seagull or eagle.

2. Choose the level to play.

3. Hold your sniper zoom and shoot at target

【免費動作App】Birds Shooting Safari-APP點子

4. Drag finger on cell screen to move left right.


* Best graphics and environment.

* Your favorite sniper gun for accurate shooting.

【免費動作App】Birds Shooting Safari-APP點子

* Hunting among multiple birds i.e crow, duck, seagull and eagle.

* More then thirty levels.

* Unique birds animation and game play.

【免費動作App】Birds Shooting Safari-APP點子

* Free birds hunting game.

* No internet connectivity required to play birds shooting safari.

【免費動作App】Birds Shooting Safari-APP點子

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