Birth Control Pill Alarm

【免費醫療App】Birth Control Pill Alarm-APP點子

This app helps you to remind when you have to take your birth control pill. If you forget your pill sometimes, this app is for you. If you want, this app will put a notification in the notification bar to remind you that the time to take the pill has come and it will also ring an alarm for you.

"Birth Control Pill Alarm" is a virtual pill pack where you mark the state of your real pill pack.

It's very easy to use:

-When you buy a pill pack, tap the plus button in the action bar or in the center of the screen and configure it.

Enter the start date, the active days, the rest days and whether it has placebo pills for the rest days.

-Now you can swipe left or right to see the pack you want.

-Whenever you take the pill, tap the pill in the screen and select "take the pill".

-When you finish a pack, you can delete the pack by tapping the cross button in the action bar.

You can configure the alarm at any time tapping the button with a gear shape in the action bar (settings).

You can make notes in any pill if you want to remember something related to that pill or that day.

This app has some ads, and you can remove it upgrading it to premium.

So the features are:

【免費醫療App】Birth Control Pill Alarm-APP點子

* Notification reminder

* Alarm reminder (chose any ringtone you want)

* Vibrator

* Repeat alarm until pill is taken

* Taking Notes

【免費醫療App】Birth Control Pill Alarm-APP點子

* Customizable number of pills

* Can upgrade to "premium" to remove the ads

【免費醫療App】Birth Control Pill Alarm-APP點子

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