Search for money motivated you and me leave the beds comfort.We are labouring to double our income accidentally your expense triple.Accidents are fatal and to help reduce them,we made BizAcc App to help keep track of what we earn,spend , purchase, and as you will find, pretty much everything.


You gave away your money,you were given a loaf of bread.That was an increase in purchase and a decrease in cash.

You borrowed your friend cash to buy the shoe you wouldn't risk buy tomorrow? Increase in creditor (your friend) and an increase in assets(your shoe).


So, you are probably worried whether to debit or credit? A debit to asset account means you are happy to have bought the asset you always wanted.A debit to cash account means your boss decided to pay you in cash.In most cases we are happy making a debit as they make us better.However this is not the case always like in creditors account where a debit means we have increased the number of people to keep reminding us to pay their debt.

Remember everything in nature is a constant.Ooh...yeah..Including in accounting and when its not,its then a profit or a loss.A debit is always followed by a credit.Its a give me 'this' ; i give you 'this' game.That being the case, once you debit, why do you have to go make a credit in another account.You have Bizacc to do exactly that for you saving your time to go make another sale.You don't need buy a computer to be accountable its heavy, take time to start and expensive.You have your phone with you all the time meaning you can access all information as soon as you need it.

You now can relax more ,earn more or even sleep more.

To easily use the application, go to the specific account you want to make an entry,ask yourself if its a debit you wanna make and what other account is affected.In the other account,the reverse transaction automatically occur.

Hope Bizacc help make you more accountable.Don't be afraid messing around as you learn using it.You can always re-install it to clear all data you stored while learning to use it.

Have fun using the application and fill free to make your comments.

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