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Simulate different blackjack strategies and see which perform best in real life. Just by playing with the app and not reading any book on blackjack you identify key factors that determine whether you win or lose in casino.

Blackjack Simulator FREE lets you simulate thousands of games of blackjack with predefined settings, which compare counting and betting strategies. It lets you select the playing, counting, betting strategy,casino rules, set number of players, decks in shoe and other. It lets you see the statistics for each player after the simulation, or preview the simulation.

The app simulates specified number of blackjack games (game = one shoe played) using the chosen settings. At the end of simulation of one game, players' bankrolls and statistics from that game are used in the next game. After all games are simulated, the final bankrolls and statistics from the last game are shown for each player. For simulations with max 10 games it is possible to preview the simulation. For simulations with higher number of games (max 500 000 is possible) it is not possible to preview simulation due to memory reasons. (App cannot store information about all the cards and results of every round for each player because it would run out of memory after some time. Instead only bankroll and statistics information are stored and updated.)

Main settings:

【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

* Playing strategy - select predefined Basic strategies.

【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

* Counting system - choose between Hi-Lo, Omega 2, Zen Count, Not counting systems.

【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

* Betting plan - choose between five predefined betting plans.

【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

* Casino rules - choose between predefined US standard, EU standard rules.

【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

* Simulation profiles - choose between 5 predefined comparison profiles to see which strategies work better in real life.

【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

* Number of shoes played, number of players, bankroll, bet.

Why to buy this app? Seeing the simulation results can be more helpful then reading many books on blackjack. This is practice instead of theory. Just by playing with the app and not reading any book on blackjack you identify key factors that determine whether you win or lose in casino.

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【免費紙牌App】Blackjack Simulator FREE-APP點子

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