Bluejack automatically searches for nearby Bluetooth enabled devices and sends them a selected image or photo. Prank your friends by automatically sending them a photo of your choosing when they come within Bluetooth range.

* Select image or video from gallery or take photo

* Choose a contact and send a vcard

* Pick plain text files such as vcard or vcalendar

* Specify Bluetooth name shown to other devices


* Runs in the background and scans even if the screen is off and the phone stowed

* Shows any discoverable devices currently in range

* Statistics on number of discovered devices and completed transfers

* Option to try sending multiple times until receiver accepts the image. If the transfer succeeds however, that device will not be retried.


* This version is fully featured and ad free

Note that iPhones doesn't support Bluetooth OBEX file transfer and some Androids will automatically reject unsolicited Bluetooth connections; these devices will be discovered by the app but will not be able to receive any files.

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