Bluetooth SMS viewer

【免費工具App】Bluetooth SMS viewer-APP點子

This app helps you to view SMS of a remote phone. This works on the bluetooth SIG's Message Access Profile (MAP). It will only work against the devices having the server role of MAP.

Essentially this app is a MAP Client or Message Client Equipment (MCE).

Prime use of this app is to view your SMS on your tablet which does not have a sim card using bluetooth connection to your primary phone (which has a sim card).

While you are browsing internet on your tablet and your phone is lying somewhere else, and you dont want to bother yourself and search for your phone. This app comes useful in this case, if you are connected to your phone via this app you can simply press "Read SMS" and read your current SMSs. All you have to make sure is that your phone has its bluetooth turned ON.

Currently only a maximum of 15 SMS can be viewed.

Emails support will be extended soon.

【免費工具App】Bluetooth SMS viewer-APP點子

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