Interaction and comment made instantaneous, with the new mobile App from Bluffer’s. Enjoy the Bluffer’s wit and expertise at your fingertips, literally. The Bluffer’s Guide App provides readers with regularly updated topical guides to the news and entertainment of the moment. Enables you to access the back story to the topics everyone’s discussing. The App offers a dynamic commentary on the week’s news and Twitter headlines, updated every Monday and Friday. Access all of our archived web content and photos for extra bluffing opportunities, in such diverse subjects as Bond and Chocolate. The App is easy to navigate and engineered for sharing content via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

The Bluffer’s Guide app enables you to:

• Access our website from your mobile devices browser and enjoy an advanced mobile App user experience.


• Easily read new content as well as reading and posting new comments directly from our mobile App.

• Access our image galleries.


• Watch our video libraries.

• Easily search our content directly from our web App.


• Read our content in multiple languages.

• Discover new content by sending push notifications directly to your mobile device.

The Bluffer’s Guide app is free to use.


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