Boat Lights

【免費工具App】Boat Lights-APP點子

Boat Lights: the most intuitive, useful and simple to use boat mobile app on the market for boat operators to determine the meaning of navigation lights, shapes and sounds used on the water.

Boat Lights uses our smart, unique "Draw-What-You-See" search engine to quickly and easily search the comprehensive database for exact and possible matches.


A perfect tool for a maritime instructor to project the app in the classroom.


Boat Lights is now being used in over 30 countries world wide as both a reference guide and a learning aid.

【免費工具App】Boat Lights-APP點子


On-Water Reference Guide

- Intuitive & quick to use

- "Draw-What-You-See" search engine

【免費工具App】Boat Lights-APP點子

- Visual browser

- Boat navigation lights

- Boat navigation shapes

【免費工具App】Boat Lights-APP點子

- Boat sounds and signals

- Navigation rules / regulations

- Easily configured for different rule sets

【免費工具App】Boat Lights-APP點子

- All data is stored in the app - no network connection required when using the app

Supported Rule Sets

- International (COLREGS)

- USA Inland

【免費工具App】Boat Lights-APP點子

- Australian

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