The Boat Trader application provides a GPS enabled boat search and puts more than 100,000 new and used boats, yachts, sailboats and personal watercraft at your fingertips. Find a dealer in the Boat Trader Dealer Network near you or search for boats by type, new/used condition, price range and model year – in a specific zip code or by location! View multiple boat and dealer locations on enhanced Google maps and quickly access driving directions. Each boat listing provides a detailed description, including length and engine hours, along with multiple photos of the boat for sale. Look for YouTube videos on select listings. Contact the seller of the boat immediately by phone or email – or, map the driving directions to the dealership. Want to send the boat to a friend or save it in your favorites? You can do either with the Boat Trader application.


-GPS sensitive search


-Enhanced search parameters such as Boat Type, New and/or Used Condition, Price Range and Model Year


- Dealer search


-Multi location map views with touchable pins


-Individual boat listings with pictures and multiple seller contact options


-Driving directions to boat location


-YouTube videos for select listings

-Favorites saved

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