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Boats of the Year is a free digital supplement of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors Magazine highlighting boatbuilders along the coast of Maine and beyond. This edition includes not only stories from the yards, but also feature articles by professional writers and photographers. Boats of the Year provides an interactive account of the work being done by more than 50 of Maine and New England’s finest boat builders, yards and others — all told in their own words and illustrated with gorgeous photographs.

Boats of the Year is an excellent resourse not only for those looking for a reputable boat yard for repairs, or a new boat, but also for any boat enthusiast just looking for great stories about great boats. There’s something for every kind of boater, from those who just enjoy a pleasant row on a quiet lake, to the ocean-crossing sailor, to the powerboat sports fisherman.

Each page has been optimized for the iPad and Android. The entire issue is also viewable on an iPhone or directly through a web browser. No matter how you choose to view these stories, on an iPad, tablet, iPhone, or on a home computer, Boats of the Year will give you a sense of the boatbuilding industry in Maine and beyond, as well as a closer look at some of your favorite individual businesses.

【免費新聞App】Boats of the Year-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Boats of the Year-APP點子

【免費新聞App】Boats of the Year-APP點子

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