Now your purchases are rewarded and they are a lot funnier

With Bonuu! all your purchases at your favourite stores will be rewarded.

How it works? It's very simple:

1. Sign up at for free and forget to bring all of the hundred loyalty cards. Everything is now in your mobile.

Visit the restaurants, coffee shops, hairdressers and other stores accepting Bonuu! and make all your purchases worth more.

2. Check out at what products have Bonuu points and when you purchase one of them go to the cashier or manager at the store to claim for your points to be loaded into your Bonuu account. They will ask you for either your mobile number, email registered at or PIN.

If you have an smartphone you can access to your Virtual Card from your user panel on and simply show it to them as it has all the information they need, if you don't have an smartphone you can simply print it and have it with you in your wallet.

3. Every time you buy at a store all those points are accumulated into that store to be used once your points are enough to get a reward from them.

Check out for the available rewards and when your points are enough to be exchanged for a prize go straight away and get it for FREE!.

Just as simple as that. All your favourite stores will reward you...because they want you back!

So.. what are you waiting for to sign up at Bonuu!?

******* Version 1.0 *******

In this version you will be able to:

.Sign Up

.Sign in


.Check available stores

.Check available products

.Check available rewards

.User your Virtual Card


.See your points at available stores

More features are coming and we want your review to improve this tool more each day.

Welcome to the Bonuu's family


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