Are you a bookworm? You love discovering the best things to read? There’s an app for that! BookSearch makes it easier to find the best books over online bookstores!

BookSearch is a smart app which gives you ability to easily find books in over 40. most popular online bookstores in less than a minute! The app lets you to search the book by the keyword or just by scanning its barcode.

So wherever you are - find good-reads in just a second!

How to “BookSearch”?

Open the app and:

1. choose bookstore from which BookSearch will browse the items,

2. put the keyphrase to search the books related to it or scan a barcode of the book!

3. That’s it! Read all about the book you were looking for!

Key features of the app:

- browsing books in in over 40. best online bookstores (e.g., Google Play Books),

- searching books by phrase or its barcode,

- in-app full description of the books,

- sharing information about the book by social networks,

- user’s favorite books on a virtual bookshelf,

- access to full search history.

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