Boston Transit

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Boston Transit is the first app to bring you live bus and subway information for the MBTA system in Boston.

- Automatically finds the closest bus stop or T station (red / orange / blue line) to your location, and displays convenient walking or driving directions on a map.

- View real time bus predictions information letting you know when the next bus will arrive at your stop.

- Subway / Metro arrival predictions are available for the red, orange and blue T lines.

- Save your favorite bus stop or T station in a favorites list for ease of access.

- View a map of bus routes.

- MBTA train map.

- View MBTA Alert feed

- Bike share information - find the nearest Hubway kiosk

- Taxi information

Boston Transit uses data from the MBTA, but is in no way associated with, related to, supported by or endorsed by the MBTA.

Boston Transit uses data from Hubway, but is in no way associated with, related to, supported by or endorsed by Hubway.

v2.7/2.8 - Bug fixes.

v2.6 - Fix for WP 8.1 Users

v2.5 - Directions now use built in phone map.

【免費旅遊App】Boston Transit-APP點子

v2.4 - Stability fixes

v2.3 - Stability fixes

v2.2 - Added MBTA map.

v2.1 - Added taxi information.

v2.0 - New tile based interface

v1.8 - Adds MBTA Alerts

v1.7 - Adds bike share data

v1.6 - Adds tutorials.

v1.5 - Added a 'you are here' indicator on the map.

v1.4 - Cosmetic improvements

v1.3 - Added 'nearby' map, to view nearby bus stops / train stations.

v1.2 - Makes train selection display color coded.

v1.1.2 - May now view bus routes

v1.1.1 - Bug fix - all rail stations now display correct predictions.

v1.1 - Added ability to Favorite station / stops

v1.0 - Initial Release


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