Boy's Preschool Puzzles

【免費教育App】Boy's Preschool Puzzles-APP點子

Boys Preschool Puzzles is a simple game for toddlers to play, develop imagination and coordination, similar to jigsaw puzzles, but with easy shapes and colors.

Boys Preschool Puzzles is an alternative for peg puzzle for kids and construction toddler games, with its developmental value, it will greatly help a preschooler to recognize known objects.

HOW TO PLAY: Selected object pictures for babies are simplified into a monotone image and broken into pieces. Your task is to guess the shadow, collect the colors and put the pieces together back into a solid object.

Boys Preschool Puzzles features:

【免費教育App】Boy's Preschool Puzzles-APP點子

* Favorite boys' objects

* Combine puzzle pieces challenge

* Simple and easy to play

* Improves IQ development of young children

【免費教育App】Boy's Preschool Puzzles-APP點子

Play Boys Preschool Puzzles with a baby boy and have fun!

【免費教育App】Boy's Preschool Puzzles-APP點子

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