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【免費生活App】Brand Finder-APP點子

moBgo (pronounce mo-Bee-go) gives you the nearest

store or selling point of your favorite brand, the directions and all store and promotional information immediately.

Where can I buy it? moBgo gives you the

immediate answer. Clear-cut and no hassle.

You can directly enter the brand or use the

category menu. The six nearest selling

points from your location, the city center or

【免費生活App】Brand Finder-APP點子

the zip code entered, will be presented.

Just tap the store of your choice and details

of this particular selling point are

presented. Just tap on the icons on the

detail card to get directions or shop

promotions, to call the location or to visit

the websites of either the brand you are

【免費生活App】Brand Finder-APP點子

interested in or the store you have selected.

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