Brazil Soccer 2014

【免費運動App】Brazil Soccer 2014-APP點子

With this app you will be able to follow the Soccer Cup 2014 taking place in Brazil.

You will have access to information about groups and what teams belongs to each group; statistics of how the teams are doing during the Soccer Cup.

Don’t miss a game, know who is playing today, time and where. Explore the calendar of the world cup 2014 and don't miss a game of your favorite team. You will have the latest score so if you are busy at work, you can just open the app and see the match results.


Con esta app, usted tendrá toda la información de la copa Brasil.

•Calendario de juegos

•Resultados por grupo

•Tablas de clasificación

【免費運動App】Brazil Soccer 2014-APP點子

•Hora exacta de juegos

•Estadios, equipos y jugadores

•Galerías de imágenes

【免費運動App】Brazil Soccer 2014-APP點子

y mucho más...

【免費運動App】Brazil Soccer 2014-APP點子

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