Breach Defense

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Breach Defense is a fully featured fusion of the classic "shoot off the screen to reload" arcade shooters and newer tower defense style play. Monitor activity in 4 hallways with the help of your alien motion detector, deploy marines to defend your position, and provide support using a variety of upgradeable weapons.Gameplay relies heavily on RPG elements; new marines must be unlocked, stat upgrade cards must be found and equipped on the marines, and you yourself need to upgrade your weapons, how many slots you have for available marines, health, and the rate you generate "supply".Supply is used up every time you deploy a marine or shoot your gun, but marines can be called back and their supply points recovered.Cards are randomly obtained through completing missions, or can be "gambled" for at the store. Higher ranking cards can be sold back to the store for a profit, or used to strengthen yourself.Additionally there are a variety of maps and randomly generated missions, as well as a few features that unlock as gameplay progresses.Content in this game does not rely on in-app purchase or special points or currency. All content is designed to be unlocked through normal gameplay. There is currently no immediate plan to add a premium store.To Do: Update Graphics & Sounds, clean up interface.

【免費遊戲App】Breach Defense-APP點子

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