Break Bricks

【免費體育競技App】Break Bricks-APP點子

e-block breaker is a classic brick breaking game. another cool game from Feelingtouch Inc.

Flick the ball to destroy waves of blocks. 50 levels in total, and will add levels every week.


* use your finger to control the ball. and also provide sensor mode that allow you to title your phone to

control the ball like doodle jump. you may setup mode before start it.

* 7 different blocks for different usage.

.default block, hit once to destroy it.

.stone block, you need to hit twice.

【免費體育競技App】Break Bricks-APP點子

.bomb block, fire a bomb and also destroy blocks around it.

.enlarge broad block. eat it it will make your bottom broad bigger for a while.

.get down block, eat it and make all blocks move down one slot.

.death block. eat it and make your bottom broad disappears.

.space block. eat it and make your ball come across all blocks without kick back.

【免費體育競技App】Break Bricks-APP點子

let's rock now.


In order to keep the app 100% free, you will receive the following –

Search shortcut icon on your home screen.

Search shortcut on your bookmarks.

This will help me bring you more cool apps like this in the future.

You can delete the search shortcuts easily (Drag & Drop to the garbage), this will not affect the application in any way.


【免費體育競技App】Break Bricks-APP點子

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