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Do you faithfully remember to check for signs of breast cancer? Few women do, but Breast Cancer Checker is here to help, by reminding you to examine yourself regularly. This free application is designed specifically for that purpose and even provides guidance on how to do your examination properly. If a problem does arise, you’ll catch it early on. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!You know how important monthly checks for breast cancer are, but somehow, those thirty days and many more slip by before you think of doing a self examination. It’s a little frightening when you forget. Maybe there is cancer in your family history, or you’re just aware that it’s always better to catch anything suspicious as soon as possible. Cancers found early are the easiest to treat.Don’t waste energy worrying, or being annoyed with yourself. There is an easy solution to your problem. This app will do the remembering for you. This is a free application, designed specifically to remind you to do your checks on a regular basis. Breast cancer is the single biggest cause of cancer-related deaths in women aged 35-54 years. Catch an issue almost as soon as it appears. Then, you can confirm with the doctor that there’s nothing to be concerned about, or get the easiest treatment necessary, whichever is the appropriate action. Either way, you’ll know and be able to take care of it right away.You can configure the alert, set it up to remind you regularly, usually at one month intervals. Just select the convenient days and times to receive your reminder alert and then forget about it. It will take it from there.If you’re not sure exactly how to do a self examination, don’t worry. The app offers you guidance on the proper way to check yourself for breast cancer. Here are a few of it's features:* Easy to use* Discreet and convenient on your iPhone* You get to choose when your reminder alerts will arrive* Helps you safeguard your health by never letting you forget self-examinations* Full, self-examination instruction includedWhy take a chance on your health and well-being? Download now and never miss another regular self exam for breast cancer.

【免費健康App】Breast Cancer Checker-APP點子

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