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Log of all the excellent beer you have enjoyed anytime. Brew Trak lets you:

-'Check-In' to the beer you are drinking quickly and easily

【免費生活App】Brew Trak-APP點子

-Share 'check-ins' with friends via Facebook and Twitter

-Earn badges!

-See what your friends have been drinking

Brew Track requires a free Untappd account. Sign up is easy after download. Brew Trak is not directly affiliated with in any way.

【免費生活App】Brew Trak-APP點子


::Patch Notes::


--- V1.1.0.0 --- 3/4/2013

-Added the ability to rate beers!

【免費生活App】Brew Trak-APP點子

-Added Twitter and Facebook sharing. You must link your social network accounts to your Untappd account for this feature to work.

-Added messaging to notify users when Untappd is unavailable

-Updated search box behavior when searching for a beer

-Added additional menu items

--- V1.0.0.1 --- 2/27/2013

【免費生活App】Brew Trak-APP點子

-Updated the icon in the app list, pinned tile, and store

--- V1.0.0.0 --- 2/19/2013

-Initial release!

【免費生活App】Brew Trak-APP點子

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