Homebrewers rejoice!

Do you brew your own beer? Put away those paper recipes and stopwatches and pick up Brewmatic! Brewmatic allows you to input and save your recipes on your Android device. Then, when you're ready to brew, simply pick a stored recipe and Brewmatic will do the rest.

Brewmatic steps you through the process of brewing: from mashing to sparging to boiling to fermenting. At each step, it starts and appropriate timer and then alerts you when its time to add each ingredient. Hops at 30min? Whirlfloc at 10min? Brewmatic will put up an Android alert and vibrate to let you know.

I made this app because I couldn't find anything like it and I wanted to use it for my own brews. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. It's not the slick and pretty, but it is functional. If enough people jump on board, I'll release some interface updates.

Thanks for looking!

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