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It's here! The app to accompany the Bring Back The Buzz campaign! Spread the word, share the glory, show off your true colors, recruit new Beelievers, and communicate with other fans. Finally "The Hive" is mobile and ready to tackle the project of getting back our Hornets!

Night after night, year after year, "The Hive" was alive; impassioned Beelievers wreaked a unique aural havoc upon all who dared to enter that hallowed hall. From the 20-win seasons of Rambis and Tripuka, to the genuine Eastern Conference contenders of the late 1990's, this city; this jewel of the New South; provided both the National Basketball Association and the nation at large a perfectly-executed blue print of the power of civic pride.

"Bring Back the Buzz" is a grass-roots campaign to bring back the name that means so much to this city and the fans who remember the magic that eminated from the hive. General Cornwallis awarded us the title of "Hornets Nest" after the citizens of this town fought for their freedom and what they believed in after the Battle of Charlotte during the Revolutionary war.

Again we find ourselves fighting for what we believe in, an identity that can only be understood by those of us who have lived in this ever-growing city.

Tom Benson bought the N.O. Hornets and is changing their name. The time has come, Charlotte...

【免費運動App】Bring Back The Buzz-APP點子

【免費運動App】Bring Back The Buzz-APP點子

【免費運動App】Bring Back The Buzz-APP點子

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