Browser Switch pro

【免費工具App】Browser Switch pro-APP點子

Browser Switch pro is a tool that can open the Web page by another browser.

This is the best tool for the user who use some browsers.

(Opera,Dolphin,Firefox and more)

You can switch a browser by a very easy operation.

★Important:The difference from the free version ★

The difference from the free version is only an advertising display.

The pay version does not have an advertisement.

【免費工具App】Browser Switch pro-APP點子

And position information on a terminal is not collected.

Those who do not worry about collection of an advertising display and position information need to use the free version.

★When the Web page is seen, do you have such some experiences?★

*The Flash page is not displayed well. It is possible to display by other browsers or I want to try.

*You want to open the page by another browser when reading the Web page is slow.

*You are hesitating which browser to make a standard.

You want to display the same page by various browsers and to compare browsers.

*A standard browser is decided. However, you want to use another browser as the second candidate.

*You want to confirm your layout of the blog and homepage by various browsers.

★Browser Switch pro is the best tool for you who has such worry. ★

[How to use]

*You can select Browser Switch from "Share page" function of a browser used by installing this application program.

*If you want to open the Web page by another browser, you will select Browser Switch from "Share page" of a browser.

*Next, some installed browsers will be displayed.

【免費工具App】Browser Switch pro-APP點子

To open the Web page, you can select a browser.

*You can decide a browser to open the Web page by the setting.

*When URL is copied and Browser Switch is started from the notification bar, you can select a browser to open URL.

It is the same as the case of page sharing.

*You can select the application to be displayed in the notification bar by the setting.

【免費工具App】Browser Switch pro-APP點子

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