Bubble Guppies: Animals HD

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

Dive into learning with Bubble Guppies: Animals HD! This educational app brings to life a silly, swim-sational school day with the Bubble Guppies, allowing kids to join Molly, Gil, Mr. Grouper and all their fish-tailed friends! Bubble Guppies: Animals HD teaches kids all about animals and allows them to take part in a fin-tastic day of play at school! Through a series of interactive games, kids will learn about animal diet, animal habitats and animal attributes- what penguins like to eat, where baby giraffes live, and what zebras and clownfish have in common (stripes!).

As kids follow any of the ten featured animals and complete an Animal School Day, they earn a Gold Star - a Gold Starfish, that is – which rewards them and encourages them to earn more! And along the way, kids will laugh along with the Bubble Guppies’ animal-themed jokes such as: What kind of dog has the cleanest hair? A sham-poodle! In addition to playing through an entire Animal School Day, kids can choose to play one of the four rich and replayable educational games on their own.

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Circle Time: A game about animals attributes

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Field Trip: A game about animal habitats

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Treat Shop: A game about what animals eat

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Lunch Time: A game about what we eat

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

After every game, kids earn a reward sticker or a toy for the Bubble Guppies’ favorite animal – Bubble Puppy! They can then visit and decorate Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse to see and interact with the rewards. Bubble Guppies: Animals HD is also loaded with features that make this app a must-have in the Education category:

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Learn the names and attributes of 40 different animals

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Earn stickers and toys to decorate Bubble Puppy’s Doghouse

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert

【免費教育App】Bubble Guppies: Animals HD-APP點子

• Game instructions delivered by the voices of the Bubble Guppies and Mr. Grouper

• Player profiles that allow up to four children to play and save their progress on the same device

• Kid-tested age-appropriate learning games

So put on your water-wings, and jump in for learning and laughs with Bubble Guppies: Animals HD!

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