Buddhist Meditation

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What's New in Version 1.2:

Trial version is added in the new version, in which 3 Buddhist melodies is included. Update to full version, you can experience all the 13 classic Buddhist melodies.

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Buddhist Meditation is the music created for or inspired by Buddhism and part of Buddhist art. Chinese Buddhist Music utilizes a rich variety of musical instruments during chants and hymns. Since these instruments are used in the propagation of Buddhist teachings, they are collectively named Dharma instruments. Instruments such as the gong, large bell (ch. qing), large drum (ch. gu), wooden fish, small cymbals, large cymbals and Chinese tambourine punctuate both Chinese folk and Buddhist Music. In modern practice, Chinese Buddhist Music is frequently accompanied by a variety of Chinese orchestral instruments, piano, or traditional European symphony orchestras.

【免費生活App】Buddhist Meditation-APP點子

Buddhist melodies are characterized as being strong, but not fierce; soft, but not weak; pure, but not dry; still, but not sluggish, and able to help purify the hearts of listeners. By listening it, you can enrich and reenergize your hearts, reach the most remote places and overcome the limitations of time and distance, as well as differences in cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

13 soul-stirring Buddhist melodies are included in Buddhist Meditation:

1. Great Compassion Mantra

2. Amitabha

3. Quan Yin

【免費生活App】Buddhist Meditation-APP點子

4. Manjusri Mantra

5. Om Mani Padme Hum

6. Medicine Buddha Mantra

7. Sakyamuni Buddha Mantra

8. Ksitigarbha Mantra

9. Shurangama Mantra

10. Ten Small Mantras

【免費生活App】Buddhist Meditation-APP點子

11. Prajnaparamita Mantra

12. Mantra of Buddha Amitabha

13. Mantra of Yellow Jambhala

【免費生活App】Buddhist Meditation-APP點子

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