The Bulk Calculator is a gross profit calculator which allows you to scenario plan margin, cost, sell and profit based on bulk buying opportunities, where these buy opportunities typically result in bulk buys with free units. It allows you to plan a bulk deal, with a predetermined amount of free cases or units, to achieve a desired margin at a desired sell price.

The calculator is ideal for standard deals that involve a "buy xxxx get some free" type deal, where you decide on the attractiveness of multiple bulk options with any multiple of free or paid for cases.

The calculator is also able to be used for secondary price points, also referred to as second tier pricing. Using this you are able to determine appropriate secondary price options for “in-between” deal or special periods, that usually fall outside of usual promotional periods. There are 4 calculators enabling you to compare various scenarios when needed.

The settings tab allows you to make changes based on variable GST (or other) tax rates, making it useful for tax free or taxed purchases. You can chose to switch off the tax element if you chose.

This calculator makes a handy companion with our GP calculator which is also on the app store.




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