A mobile application support for the initial management of burns.

The initial management of a burn victim is sometimes a problem for practitioners for whom it is not a daily concern. It appears useful to provide them with simple tool, available on a smart phone, to gather baseline data of a burn patient : body surface area burned (from the classic tables of Lund and Browder), prognosis scores and rehydration during the first 24 hours.

**The first tab “data” is used to enter various data :






-inhalation injury

**The second tab “calculator” is a front and back body picture :

The practitioners report the burned areas and their degree.

-Each colour corresponds to a degree of burn.

-The eraser (G) and the degree can be selected with the center menu.


-While drawing (with one finger), the action is canceled if a second finger touches the screen.

-The body patterns can be enlarged by spreading two fingers.

-The pattern can also be moved sliding two fingers on the screen.

-Smudges are not considered on the calculation.

**Once the burn pattern is complete, the last tab gives results. The results appear:

-Percentage of body surface area burned

-Total body surface



-Prognosis scores : BAUX, UBS, ABSI

-Rehydration during the first 24 hours : EVANS, PARKLAND, CARVAJAL.

BurnCare is a free application for practitioners who could be confronted with adult and paediatric burns. It allows a rapid calculation of body surface area burned, prognosis scores and rehydration during the 24 first hours. In total, this simple tool has no other ambition than to assist in the initial management of a major burn victim.


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