Bus & Train

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

Bus & Train - provides current travel information for public transport such as bus, train, subway in Europe.

No matter where you are, at home or in a train, you get the latest information on public transport in Europe. In Germany you become additionally the latest punctuality information and incident reports.

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子


• arrival / departure - current timetable information for a station with punctuality information and incident reports

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

• travel information - finds the best connections between two stops, shows where you have to change and all intermediate points

• search for stations - address entry or the current position (stops near)

• shows stops on the map

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

• shows all stops a bus / train

• ticket purchase possible

• favorites - save stops and connections for quick access to the timetable information

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

• creates „Live Tiles“ on the start page

• automatic „Live Tiles“ of the last search

• Home button – connection from the actual position home

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

• this app is available in German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish

• 5 Day free trial test mode!

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

New in the version 1.5:

• „Live Tiles“ on the start page

• automatic „Live Tiles“ oft the last search

【免費旅遊App】Bus & Train-APP點子

• home button – connection from the actual position home

• new icon

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