Business Communication

【免費商業App】Business Communication-APP點子

This app would be beneficial for the Business students who want to learn the basics of Business Communication studies and different aspects of it.

Here are the brief of what you will get to know if you download this Android Application today:

-Basics of Business Communication.

- Types of B. Communication.

- Oral & Verbal Communication.

- Written Communication.

【免費商業App】Business Communication-APP點子

- Importance and Scope of Business Comm.

- Internal & Non Verbal Communication.

- Message Checklist.

- Secretarial Functions.

【免費商業App】Business Communication-APP點子

- Business Meeting.

- Business Writing.

Hope this App would be beneficial for you and please let me know what to add at next update. Thanks.

【免費商業App】Business Communication-APP點子

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